Arboricultural Consulting
As a major element of landscapes, trees suffer at the hands of man and nature in numerous ways. Rely on our specialized expertise to determine tree appraisals, evaluations, hazard risks, consulting, and management programs.

Landscape Evaluations & Appraisals 
Damage to natural or man-made landscapes takes many forms. When justifying a loss, DHGA supplies indispensable advice and technical support based on ISA and ASCA accepted evaluation standards.

Litigation Support  
When a project results in unmet standards of the industry, seek DHGA’s unmatched expertise and experience. Our expertise enables us to command respect, demonstrate courtroom maturity, provide superior judgment, and offer qualified opinions as an expert witness.

Landscape Architecture/Site Planning Evaluation
DHGA's heritage is built upon a legacy of sustainability, functionality, value, and technical competency in landscape architecture.
As we have matured into a consulting oriented firm, we have not forgotten our past and retain the attention to detail that established us as an award winning design firm.



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